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Friday, 24 June 2011


Hye guys and happy weekend....
How ur day today? any plan on this weekend?
Since i'm very new at this blog, I still thinking and thinking... "thinking wat blogger"?
First....I'm thinking about....the language I use in this blog...What language it will be? English? Malay? or Mix? Although I'm not too fluent n master in English, but this is a way I can improve our language... Do you think it is right? But wat happened to u guys who don't happy with this language?  Sorry guys, but hopefully u all will be the followers of this blog..Language is doesn't matter, and I'll try to make it easy as well.

Second...What are the theme of this blog? Yeah, I mean how the post will be? Is there only post about daily life?? em...but I don't think dat is interesting...too many bloggers has share their own story n personal life in blog...of coz, it will be part of the post, but not at all....thinking and thinking.....An idea cross my mind...How about some knowledge for u guys? I mean here something that give u beneficial knowledge and information....Since people today are mostly educated and I believe most of u guys are graduate students, so we share any knowledge and information dat will benefit to all of us..

Lastly, I'll upload some stuff for u guys....all the items can be bought at this blog...still searching and thinking wat kind of stuff suitable for all of u....any idea across at ur mind guys?? juz drop ur idea at the comment or my inbox..:-) will try to fulfill ur needs....

Thats all for this time...see u in the next post...Love u guys..Peace no war...:-)

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  1. doesn't matter english or malay, yang penting sama2 boleh fhm n bljr, rite?? :-)

    wait for new post from u...gud luck for ur effort...