Friday, 24 June 2011

Welcome to our blog.....

For this first post, welcome to our blog ... thanks to all of you who are willing to spend your valuable times at our blog ... a new blog with new ideas and new things ... :-)  hope this blog will gain supports from you guys out there  and ur constructive comments are almost welcome... and do not forget for people out there who are not support PLU  "people like us", give us some space for express our feelings :-) and for those who want to share your stories, juz send your story to us ... Wait for the exciting product that will sell in this blog ...Till we meet again in another post...Love u all guys ;-)


  1. good job and gud luck for u :-)

  2. im truly interested to bcome ftm, im enquiring for the total cost of the operation and where can these operation be done?
    please please reply